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About the breed

The Belgian Malinois, is a very smart and confident dog that is always ready to work. They are high energy and if bored they will become destructive.  

They are used by the military, police forces, and dog sports such as Schutzhund. 

The Belgian Malinois requires much undivided attention of their owners, extensive training, a considerable amount of time devoted to them, and they require hefty expenditures (for housing, training, veterinary care, etc.)  If you are seriously considering purchasing a Belgian Malinois make sure you do considerable research and make certain that your lifestyle can responsibly accommodate such an animal. Belgian Malinois can be very loyal companions, but they are not a typical pet. They are not content lounging around the house. They are highly active and motivated. If you cannot commit or are not willing to commit yourself to ALL the responsibilities that come with a Belgian Malinois, DO NOT get one

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